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Every year hundreds of home owners will find themselves dealing with a difficult out of control renovation that ends up costing them much more than they ever imagined.

There is a better way!

The vast majority of homeowner are routinely told that the "traditional' method of design first followed next by bidding, is a reliable way of planning for a controlled renovation experience.

Homeowners are advised and encouraged to design first. And then, by bidding out the work to several contractors, figure out what the project will cost. Many in this industry would like you to accept that good renovation planning begins with design, budgeting follows and bidding somehow ensures that you are going to get good value.
Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth

For those lucky or carefree enough to renovate with little or no concern for budget and timing this approach may be fine. But the design - bid - build process has proven completely ineffective for anyone hoping to control costs and eliminate the stress of a project run amuck

The design first, figure the rest out later approach, simply does not work because it relies on the utterly false premise that multiple bids will allow you to control costs. Most contractors don't care about your budget.

At Robin Hood Renovations we take every detail into consideration, especially your budget.

Become An Informed Consumer

Industry statistics indicate that over 60% of home renovations go over budget and 70% are not completed on time.
Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies reports that only 33% of homeowners are happy with their renovation experience. Dissatisfaction with home construction, renovations and repair are among the largest categories of complaints to local Better Business Bureaus and Consumer Protection Departments.

Most Renovations Are Poorly Planned

Many people believe that planning begins with a floor plan and ends when they've agreed on a price. As a result, all too often homeowners involved in renovating are unprepared and uninformed. Any project can get out of control and over budget in no time, when it is not planned properly from the start.

Plan Ahead

The "Plan Ahead" approach will help you avoid the mistakes that nearly all homeowners make; mistakes that cost thousands and very often tens of thousands in unnecessary expenses.

Plan Ahead allows you to take control of you project from day one by giving you the confidence and understanding to sidestep the headaches, disappointment and cost overrun of renovation.

Let us show you how to eliminate surprises and create your dream home or renovation for a reasonable and affordable investment of time and energy.

7 Facts About Bidding 

1. Renovations are by definition low volume custom jobs. They are all one of a kind. There are no economies of scale. In simple terms this means that all renovation contractors are low volume builders.

2. The renovation contractors that you are likely to consider for your project, work under the exact same cost structure. Which means that they all pay pretty much the same prices under the assumption that they are providing a comparable quality of any given material. (read this one again)

3. The only way that one contractor can bid significantly less than another is either to produce lower quality of work or substitute with inferior quality materials.

4. It's not uncommon to see variations of 10% to 60% in bids. How are you to know what accounts for the difference?

5. There is no set of standards that everyone is following. All contractors have their own interpretation of what the end result should be.

6. Even if you were able to find a contractor prepared to do the work as designed for your budget, how comfortable are you working with a low bidding contractor?

7. Competitive bidding will not control the cost of your project. No amount of price shopping or price comparing will make up for a renovation that is over designed from the outset.

Mistakes To Avoid 

1. Allowing your budget to be controlled by design is a sure way of having to endure significant cost overruns. Homeowners are normally advised to begin their project by preparing drawings.

2. Relying on the utterly false premise that multiple bids will help to control cost is a huge mistake. Of course most people simply do not know any better. They either fail or choose to realize that there is no such thing as apples to apples comparison when evaluating quotes that can vary by 10% to 60%.

3. Failing to do a thorough assessment of their needs right at the beginning, many projects are over designed from the outset. Instead of focusing on their main priorities, most homeowners get started with programs that exceed their budgets and do not realize this until it's too late.

4. By bring contractors on board very late in the process, homeowners are forgoing the opportunity to cost engineer. This means that stressed out homeowners are faced with making too many decisions very late in the process.

5. Generally speaking, homeowners do not understand enough about the project prior to work on site taking place. Homeowners are not getting involved in their project planning in a meaningful way and are not in the position to make timely, well informed decisions.  


Home Renovation Overview

We've all heard the home renovation horror stories - a huge investment, months of dust and disruption, delays, budget overruns, and shoddy workmanship. Despite the nightmarish tales, according to a 2005 survey by Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies shows that Canadians continue to pour money into renovating homes - to the tune of $149.5 billion.


So why are there so many horror stories?

For one thing, renovation is complex. And while there are many fine, skilled professionals to help you, construction trades are unevenly regulated across the country. That means consumers have to weed through the bad with the good.


Is it possible to have a good renovation experience, as well as the results you want? We know it is! We've compiled some relevant information in a format anyone can follow.


Getting started

Before you begin your home renovation, it's important to plan ahead. Here is a checklist to get you started. The important thing to remember is that you should do your research up front. Find examples, look into cost, and prioritize within your budget.


Home Renovation Planning Checklist


  • List the renovation projects you are considering
  • Talk with friends, neighbours, and even realtors about their home renovation experiences
  • Look through magazines, catalogs, or open houses to get some ideas for your renovation projects
  • Do some research to get rough estimates of the cost of the renovations
  • Check to see how much the renovations would enhance the value of your home
  • Prioritize your renovation project, always keeping in mind your budget





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